Authentic Greek Food: History of the Gyro


When people think about Greek cuisine, they probably think of gyros. Plus, a vacation to Greece isn’t complete without trying this tasty meal at least once! Yas Mas is one of the top places for Greek food in NH, offering authentic and delicious food. Enjoy one of our various gyros on the menu for lunch and leave wanting to come back again for more! Now, let’s get into the history of these popular treats.


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What is a gyro?


The term “gyro” comes from the Greek word that means “round” or “turn.” This is because it’s named after the rotisseries that the meat sits on. Large slabs or pieces of meat are packed onto a particular type of spit. Furthermore, it can be anything from seasoned meats such as beef, pork, lamb, or chicken. As the meat rotates on the spit, it cooks. Then, chefs thinly slice the meat to form the base for the gyro.


Usually, a gyro consists of meat, tzatziki sauce, onion, tomato, and even french fries! All of these delicious ingredients are wrapped up in a fluffy round of warm pita bread. Doesn’t that sound amazing?! Here at Ya Mas, we offer our customers various Greek-style meats to curb any craving.




While a gyro is typically street food, Greek restaurants still offer this delicious sandwich. Surprisingly, this traditional food may not have originated in Greece! The sandwich, as we all know it arrived in Greece in 1922. At the time, many refugees from modern-day Turkey, Constantinople, and Ismir starting settling in their new homeland.


Then, these refugees opened small shops and sold the gyro. Thus, the gyro was established into Greek culture and cuisine. This is why you might get the traditional doner or shawarma confused with gyros sometimes! Both are from similar origins.


Furthermore, by the 1970s, gyros made headway in the United States as a popular fast food in Chicago and New York City.


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Ya Mas  – Authentic Greek Food


Ya Mas strives to offer the most authentic Greek food and experience possible. We only use the finest ingredients, sourcing our products from local family farms and importing directly from Greece.


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