You’ve Heard of Baklava. But What About a Baklava Sundae?

Yes, you read that correctly. Here at Ya Mas, we’re taking things to the next level. While almost all Greek restaurants offer baklava, nearly none of those offer the baklava sundae.


If you’ve never experienced the mouth-watering taste of baklava, let us entice you.

Baklava is a thinly layered phyllo pastry dessert piled high and filled with chopped nuts, sweetened with honey, and sometimes topped with even more nuts and a syrup drizzle. Low in calories and free from trans fats, this is a dessert you can feel good about enjoying.



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Everybody loves baklava.

It doesn’t matter where your heritage lies. When you visit authentic Greek restaurants like Ya Mas, everyone loves baklava. It’s a staple of the cuisine. Like spaghetti to the meatball, bourguignon to the beef, cheese to the pizza. However, with a long history, baklava has often been served in many variations.



A look back in history.

Narrowing a specific origination for any type of food is nearly impossible. Historians are often left to research the written word and decipher pictures. With baklava, the earliest documentation dates back before the Ottoman Empire.  However, when the Empire took control of many of the lands, the several variations became one. It’s here that many consider the perfection of baklava to have occurred. When the Empire fell in the early 20th century, baklava again spread across the European nations, eventually making its way across the ocean.


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The traditional way.

When one considers baklava, there is a universal language in the preparation and result achieved. Usually made in a sheet pan, thinly layered phyllo pastry is submersed with olive and butter. From there, chopped nuts (generally walnuts) are added into the layers. Think of creating baklava like you would create lasagna. However, before cooking the dessert, the baklava is typically cut into serving sized pieces.

Once the pasty is baked, honey or syrup is generously poured over the top. The dish is left to sit, allowing the sweet topping to soak through the layers. Finally, baklava is garnished with more chopped nuts (walnuts or pistachios).



The Ya Mas way.

At Ya Mas, our homemade baklava is crafted the traditional way but served with a little extra love, adult-style, of course. Topped with Metaxa caramel sauce, Ouzo glazed walnuts, vanilla ice cream and a sour cherry, this sundae is a customer favorite.

Metaxa is a Greek amber spirit that inherits the flavors of Muscat wines and Mediterranean botanicals. Combined with the oh so popular Ouzo, and the anise flavoring that comes with it, this dessert is a must-try.


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When it comes to Greek restaurants in the Southern NH and Massachusetts area, Ya Mas is as authentic as it gets. From the large selection of imported spirits and wines to our impeccable menu offerings, we are always delivering the unexpected here. Whether your meal is created from the finest imported cheeses or sourced from our local farmers, you can be sure you’ll leave satisfied!


Stop into Ya Mas and experience Greek food the way it is meant to be enjoyed! Located at 125 Bridge Street in Pelham, we look forward to seeing you! Ya Mas!