Let’s Celebrate Our Farmers This October!


American farmers across the country put food on the table for families with their endless hard work and dedication. From providing for small farmer markets or grocery stores, our farmers contribute their heart and soul to keep Americans fed and happy all year round. That’s why today, Ya Mas Greek Taverna & Bar is celebrating National Farmer’s Day this fall season. Each year, October 12th is designated to acknowledge and celebrate our local farmers’ hard work and love of agriculture!


table with greek food on different colored plates


Celebrating Local Farmers


We’re here to discuss how much hard labor our farmers put into putting food on everyone’s table amid the fall harvest season. After all, for thousands of years, agriculture and farming has been the key to establishing the civilization we live and thrive in today. Did you know that families and not corporations own almost 97% of farms? Even more of a reason to support your local farmers that are keeping fresh produce in our markets and grocery stores!


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Farm-to-Table Deliciousness 


Here at Ya Mas, we want to offer the best authentic experience possible. After all, if you’re traveling for delicious food at greek restaurants near Pelham, you might as well choose the best! Farm-to-table is a phrase that can refer to a few types of dining experiences but have a few underlying similarities. Let’s go over one of them today.


The most common relationship between farms and restaurants is the direct delivery of fresh food. What do we mean by this? Rather than buying vegetables or goods from a distributor or food wholesaler, restaurants purchase straight from local farmers. Therefore, both the farmer and restaurant benefit from this! Here at Ya Mas, we offer the finest locally sourced seafood and other fresh ingredients to make your dining experience the best it can be.


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Choosing Greek Restaurants near Pelham


Ya Mas offers farm-to-table selections that are anything but expected. When you’re looking for the finest Greek restaurants near Pelham, you’ll never want to miss us!


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