-Dinner menu-

Authentic Ingredients

Here at Ya Mas Greek Taverna & Bar we strive to offer you an authentic Greek experience. We only use the finest ingredients soursing our products from Maine Family Farms, Compart Family Farms, Brookside Farm and imported item from Greece.


Strained Greek Yogurt,EVOO, Garlic, Cucumber, Toasted Pita



Roasted Eggplant, Garlic, Parsley, Lemon, OCEVOO, Toasted Pita
* Vegan  * Dairy Free


Marinated Greek Olives

Assorted Greek Olives, Wild Flower Greek Honey, Lemon, Orange, Oregano, Thyme, EVOO
* Vegan *Gluten Free *Dairy Free


Cold Meze Platter

Melitzanosalata, Santorini Fava, Marinated Greek Olives, Beechwood Barrel Aged Greek Feta, Vegan Grape Leaves, Toasted Pita
* Vegetarian


Artisan Cheese Plate

Manouri, Kefalograviera, Kefalotiri, Kasseri, Fig Preserves, Greek Wild Flower Honey, Ouzo Toasted Walnuts, Crostini


Socrates Shrimp Cocktail

Four U-Eight Shrimp, Metaxa Seven Star Cocktail Sauce, Lemon
* Dairy Free *Gluten Free



Beechwood Barrel Aged Greek Feta, Greek Yogurt, EVOO, Jalapeño, Toasted Pita
* Vegetarian


Santorini Fava

Yellow Split Peas, EVOO, Red Onion, Garlic, Parsley, Toasted Pita
* Vegan * Dairy Free


Vegan Grape-Leaves

Pine Nuts, Wild Greens, Fresh Herbs, Scallions, Lemon
* Vegan * Dairy Free * Gluten Free


Greek Spread Combination Platter

Tzatziki, Melitzanosalata, Tyrokafteri, Toasted Pita


Artisan Cheese & Local Charcuterie

Asmallgood Salami Trufa, Asmallgood Coppa, Asmallgood Guanciale, Iberico Chorizo, Manouri, Graviera, Kefalotiri, Fig Preserves, Cretan Honey, Greek Quince Preserves, Dried Fruit, Ouzo Candied Walnuts, Greek Cornichons, Greek Peperocini, Marinated Sundried Tomato, Crostini



''My boyfriend and I ate dinner here last night. The ambiance is beautiful. All the decor is new and the best part is the lighting. It’ s dicult to get lighting perfect like they do. The food was flavorful and you can tell, made with love. We will be back to try more dishes. This was our first time eating authentic Greek food and we are happy this was our place!!""

Nicole Riendeau

" I love coming here. They have fantastic Greek homemade Cuisine!! A large variety of to choice from. The atmosphere feels so welcoming, the service staff is very friendly! I've coming here several times from dinner, to brunch on the weekends to a relaxing place to have a great drink. My family and friends it here! Give them a try, you won't be disappointed!''

Lucy Sousa

''Fantastic!!!! We've always loved the family that runs the restaurant and are happy for them that they have been able to retire.What the next generation has done with the place is so great. The atmosphere, the music, and last but not least the food was awesome. We are excited it is only 5 minutes from home for us but we'd travel more! 5 stars! We will be back! Go there!''

Amy Reidy


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