Guilt-Free Greek Desserts? Count. Us. In.


Do you love a good meal but have a hard time leaving room for dessert? No problem. We know how delicious Greek food is! That’s why you should try our guilt-free dessert. Well, as guilt-free as it gets! Here at Ya Mas, we strive only to use the finest ingredients, as we source our products from local farms and directly from Greece. So today, we’re talking about one of our top dessert items, Giaourti Me Meli. Hope you’re hungry!


Giaourti Me Meli, Simplified.


One of the most simple yet delightful treats around, Giaourti Me Meli is both light and nutritious. This treat essentially translates to “Greek yogurt with honey” in English. Altogether, you’ll find the dessert whipped up with three healthy ingredients: Greek yogurt, walnuts, and honey. Despite being a simple and easy dessert, it’s the perfect finish off a meal at Ya Mas (in our opinion, of course!).


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Nutrition, To The Max.


There’s more to this tasty dessert than, well, being delicious. Greek yogurt has been one of the best sources of various nutrients like calcium and potassium! Plus, it’s full of healthy probiotic cultures that help your digestive system function at its best. Furthermore, due to the high protein content, it’s sure to keep you full. This alone makes Giaourti Me Meli one of the best options for dessert if you’re looking for something guilt-free to finish up dinner with!


We’re Talking Upgrades. 


We don’t just put together any typical ol’ desserts around here at Ya Mas. We love to take traditional Greek snacks and make them the best they can possibly be. That’s why our Giaourti Me Meli is made with the finest ingredients you can get! Our Yas Mas treat is made with strained sheep’s milk, Greek yogurt, wild greek mountain honey, fresh berries, and ouzo candied walnuts. Now, doesn’t that sound delightful? We’d like to think so! Try it next time you’re visiting us in Pelham!


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The Best Greek Food in Town


As you probably already know, Ya Mas is serving up the best Greek food right here in Pelham. For the best food, drinks, and desserts around, visit us at 125 Bridge Street! To make a reservation, call (603) 635-4230 or visit our website.