Nothing Says Spinach Quite Like Spanakopita.

Spanakopita Meets National Spinach Day.

When it comes to authentic Greek restaurants in Pelham, Ya Mas is your answer. However, it’s not a reputation we take lightly. Being the best means providing our customers with consistent, mouth-watering, fresh meals true to traditional Greek cuisine. So, with National Spinach Day around the corner (yes, it’s really a thing), we found it only fitting to talk spanakopita (Σπανακόπιτα).

Otherwise referred to as spinach pie, spanakopita has been enjoyed for thousands of years. Here’s a closer look at this Greek staple.

Once upon a time.

As we mentioned, spanakopita is a Greek staple that has been enjoyed by many for thousands of years. However, like any good dish, the exact origins are nearly impossible to trace. Many stories link this savory appetizer to a Turkish favorite known as börek. Although similar in appearance, börek is typically filled with meat, unlike spinach pie.

And then other stories place spanakopita’s origins in the Northwest region of Greece, Epirus. It is here that many believe farmers discovered the ease and abundance of growing various green vegetables. Readily available, spinach then became a cook’s favorite incorporation. Combined with the finest feta on Earth, spanakopita was born.

 Variations galore.

While spinach, feta, and buttery golden layers of phyllo dough are staples to spinach pie, several other ingredients are known to make their way into the pie. Depending on the region and family recipe, below are a few things that are not uncommon to find incorporated into spanakopita:

  • Fresh oregano, nutmeg, and garlic
  • Minced onion and mushrooms
  • Cottage, ricotta, or parmesan cheeses



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Spanakopita Ya Mas style.

Again, depending on where you are, various versions of spinach pie are floating around. Thus, finding the best pie can prove not only challenging but disappointing. Do yourself a favor and save the heartache. When you’re in the mood for a savory piece of spanakopita, stop into Ya Mas.

Here, our chefs strive to provide an authentic Greek experience with the finest ingredients from local resources.

As one of the newest restaurants in Pelham, you won’t want to miss what’s happening at Ya Mas Greek Taverna! Our farm to table menu provides our guests with an unforgettable dining experience that satisfies any craving. With National Spinach Day around the corner on the 26th, there’s no better time to stop in and try the best, most authentic, handmade spanakopita around! But don’t take our word it. Visit Ya Mas today at 125 Bridge Street in Pelham, NH.



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