Thanking the Gods for Old-Fashioned Cocktails



If you’re looking for an authentic Greek experience, Ya Mas Taverna & Bar is here to provide. We strive to source our ingredients from local farms and directly from Greece itself. Thus, you’ll be tasting the freshest foods from one of the best Green Restaurants around. Of course, when it comes to Greek history, you can’t ignore epic poems and stories. So, we’re talking drinks, Greek heroes edition. Here’s the legend of Odysseus.


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Odysseus: The Great Greek Hero


Most people have heard about Odysseus before. He was one of the greatest Greek heroes in Homer’s epic poems: The Illiad and The Odyssey. Homer portrayed Odysseus as a man full of wisdom and courage who could handle anything thrown his way. In The Odyssey, Homer delves into what might be his most famous tale. The story of the Greeks capturing Troy through the famous wooden horse, winning the war.


The Fall of Troy began with a cunning plan. Odysseus and the Greek army devised a plan to deceive the Trojans to win the war differently. During the night, the Greeks left a large, wooden horse on wheels outside Troy’s gates. Then, the Trojans, who were surprised that there was no army nearby, took the horse inside. Surprisingly, the Trojans believed it was a gift from the Greeks signaling the end of the war.


But the Trojans were deceived. During the night, the few Greeks hiding within the horse snuck outside. They were now inside the inner gates of Troy and were able to catch the guards off guard carefully. Thus, the Greeks could open the gates and allow the entire Greek army to make its way inside. Odysseus and his men were able to win the war.


Try Our Odysseus Old Fashioned


Our Odysseus Old Fashioned is only one of many Greek Mythology inspired drinks. This delicious delight is made with The Rum Cooperative, Fee Brother’s Aztec Chocolate Bitters, Demerara, ION Dark Chocolate, Orange Peel, Smoked. Try it next time you visit Ya Mas!


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Greek Restaurants in Pelham


When it comes to Greek restaurants in Pelham, Ya Mas Taverna & Bar is as authentic as it gets. We consistently deliver the unexpected here, from the large selection of imported spirits and wines to our vast menu offerings. Visit us at Located at 125 Bridge Street in Pelham, New Hampshire!