“Olive” the Things We Love About Olives!

It’s no secret that the Greeks love olives. Homer called olive oil “liquid gold” and Sophocles called the olive tree “the tree that feeds children.” So to say that olives have been important to the Greeks for a long time is a bit of an understatement. There are several varieties of olives and many are unique to certain regions of Greece. While restaurants in Pelham, like Ya Mas, prize olives for their culinary uses and benefits, olives have a lot of other things going for them, too.

Let us tell you about all the things we love about olives!


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They’re really good for you.

Whether you consume them whole, as olive oil, or as something else like tapenade, olives are full of things that are good for you. High-fat plant foods, like olives, have lots of vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant. Vitamin E is great for heart health and is also very good for your skin and your brain. Olives also contain high levels of iron and calcium, which support many of your body’s functions.


The wood is beautiful.

The olive tree has more to offer than just its fruit. (Yes, olives are technically a fruit!) Olive wood is beautiful and highly prized by woodworkers. Because olive trees are usually cultivated for the purpose of growing and harvesting olives, they are felled for lumber relatively rarely. This is why you usually find olive wood in high-end furniture or smaller items, such as kitchen utensils. Woodworkers like working with olive oil because of its swirling grain and light and dark contrasting colors that deepen with age.


They are important symbolically.

In addition to their culinary and aesthetic qualities, olives are important in Greek culture because of their traditional symbolism. Olives and olive branches symbolize peace and respect and the ancient Greeks believed they had a divine origin. Greek myth holds that Athena gifted Athens with an olive tree after she won a contest with Poseidon over the name of the city. Traditionally, olive branches were also included in the prizes awarded to athletic winners.


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