Stuffed Grape Leaves: A Staple Eastern Mediterranean Dish

There are different versions of stuffed grape leaves all throughout the Eastern Mediterranean region. Full of flavor and packed with fresh herbs and spices, you can eat this cuisine as an appetizer or a main dish. Hand-rolled grape leaves are a time-consuming dish to make. Some may consider it an art with all the steps it takes and effort put in towards its presentation! If you’re looking for Greek restaurants in Pelham, Ya Mas is the place to be! 

Let us answer your questions about this staple food of Greek restaurants in Pelham.


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What’s in Stuffed Grape Leaves?

The Greek version of stuffed grape leaves is known as dolma or dolmades, and there are various ways to make them. Some are stuffed with meat, and others are vegetarian. One of the more common recipes usually contains ground beef, although lamb is popular, too. 

A standard filling for stuffed grape leaves includes a variety of fresh herbs like basil, mint, parsley, or dill. Other ingredients in the filling are sauteed onions, rice, lemon juice, olive oil, minced garlic, and other spices. You’ll also find ground beef, or sometimes chickpeas for a vegetarian option. 


How to Eat Them

For those who have yet to try them, yes, you can eat the grape leaves! You don’t have to unwrap them; instead, you can eat them whole. Stuffed grape leaves can be served at different temperatures, making them a versatile dish. You can enjoy the vegetarian variety at room temperature or chilled, but the ones with meat are best warm. However, it’s still up to your preference. Vegetarian or not, this dish pairs nicely with tzatziki, tabouli, or a drizzle of fresh lemon juice. 

If you’re not quite ready to make your own stuffed grape leaves, no worries! You can still enjoy some at one of your nearby authentic Greek restaurants in Pelham like Ya Mas!  We make our stuffed grape leaves with dry-aged primal Maine Family Farms beef, fresh herbs, rice, and an egg-lemon sauce.


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