Whoa Baby, It’s Cold Out There!

Living in New England, there’s no denying it’s cold outside! With that in mind, it comes to little surprise that January is designated as National Soup Month. Whether you prefer a bowl of good old fashioned chicken noodle or something a bit more intricate like the Cosmopolitan’s Double Boiled Mushroom and Fish Maw, warming the soul with a handmade soup is always a win.

At Ya Mas, we’re making cold days a bit more tolerable with the ultimate, traditional Greek soups that satisfy every time. From Avgolemono to Lentil, it’s time to stop searching for ‘food near me’ and visit the best Greek restaurant in NH! Not familiar with authentic Greek soup? Well, then this article is for you!



As one of the most popular soups in Greece, egg lemon soup (Avgolemono) is light, savory, and perfectly paired with your favorite dish! At Ya Mas, our chefs combine rice, chicken, and a lemon emulsion to ensure the ultimate, flavorful experience.

Which leads us to the next point about emulsion. While many restaurants opt for a lemon extract, emulsion is the superior option. Instead of being created with an alcohol base, emulsions are water based. Thus, when subject to high heat, the flavor remains uncompromised.


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Lentil Soup

When it comes to historical dishes, lentil soup is one of the top ten on the list. Originating in the Middle East, the main ingredient, the lentil, is believed to be the first legume ever cultivated. Unlike other legumes, the lentil doesn’t need to soak before use. Perhaps this is why it is favored by so many chefs across the globe.

That said, when you take a globally loved recipe and mix it across many cultures, you can be sure the variations will be wide. At Ya Mas, we add our Greek flair with the addition of Mirepoix. Mirepoix is used as a flavor base. Created from a combination of diced vegetables, this base deepens the flavor of the dish with a hint of sweetness as well.


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This month, save yourself the effort of the endless, time-consuming ‘food near me’ search and visit Ya Mas in Pelham! While we won’t be charging $100 for a bowl of soup, you can be confident that our chefs are delivering the ultimate soul warming experience!