We’re Nuts About Walnuts | Authentic Greek Cuisine

This week it’s National Walnut Day, and to celebrate, we’re talking about walnuts and why we love them in Greek food! At Ya Mas, we serve a variety of authentic dishes, focusing on farm-to-table, fresh ingredients that are chock full of healthy benefits! Here’s a brief look at why Greek food includes fresh ingredients like the walnut!

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The Walnut’s Origin Story

The Greeks believed the walnut (like most other nuts and berries) was an extremely nutritious addition to any snack or dessert. The “original” walnut was considered food for the gods by the ancient Romans and Greeks, and they preferred to use walnuts for oil and a food thickener (think cornstarch!). 

Walnuts became a widely traded item by the English throughout the Mediterranean. Walnuts were made eventually made an appearance to North America from Spain in the 18th century. Today, much of the walnut production comes from California. 

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Why We Love Walnuts!

Originally, walnuts were believed to have medicinal properties according to the ancient Greeks and Romans, and they’re not far off! Walnuts have a wide array of health benefits, which we’ve compiled below.

  • This little nut has a powerful does of antioxidants! One study found that when walnuts were included as part of a healthy diet, antioxidants help to fight “oxidative” damage done to your body due to bad cholesterol, “LDL”.
  • Walnuts are high in Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 is proven to lower anxiety and improve brain and eye health.

Today, Greeks enjoy pairing walnuts with honey and Greek yogurt for a tasty, nutritious treat!

Greek Food at Ya Mas

We are proud to offer our customers an authentic Greek experience. Stop by and visit Ya Mas in Pelham for a healthy and delicious bite of Greek tradition!